4 Amazing Features of Crocs [Revealed] — Part III

So now, you know a little bit more about Crocs it’s time to find out what’s really inside Crocs as our shank in here and just kind of how these are built.

So let’s cut them in half. That was surprisingly difficult to cut apart. So, let’s see what’s inside.

So actually a lot of interesting stuff going on inside of here. I didn’t realize that the nubbins go all the way up through the top of the vamp.

I guess you would call it. So I’m curious to know what this says in Braille and then there’s a lot more going on in the soul than I expected.

But before we tear it our before we talk about everything else with these shoes. I want to try the rest of this out there the guts of it out. And so we get a full view of what’s going on inside of here.

4 Amazing Features of Crocs [Revealed] — Part II: https://medium.com/@pioneer.kuwait/4-amazing-features-of-crocs-revealed-part-ii-460e33eb6ad9

Okay, we have the rest of it torn apart.

And first thing we notice right off the bat is there is no shank in this shoe. I don’t know if it needs it because it’s pretty flat.

So I think a lot of that support from the shank isn’t going to be needed and then we took apart the rest of the shoe and the four-wheel drive strap looks like it’s made out of the same Eva material riveted on by a plastic rivet with the Crocs logo on it.

So now let’s go through. Different layers of it and talk about what everything’s made out of starting with the soul working our way up. So it looks like it’s an Eva soul that continues up to Eva midsole and the insole is also Eva going up from there the vamp and the rest of the shoe is Eva as well.

So I think it’s just one solid piece of Eva that’s injection-molded except for the four-wheel-drive strap and the rivet so kind of interesting to see what’s inside.

Side of this thing. I didn’t expect to see this on the inside. I was hoping there’d be a little bit more in here.

So now comes down to is it worth the $45 for a full easy a shoe, you know, this is one of those things where it’s kind of up to you.

Are you willing to pay for the name brand Crocs? Like are you willing to buy kind of a status that comes with Crocs? Because if you are $45 is a pretty good deal for a fully va’s shoe.

But if you’re just looking for the traction and the comfort and without the name brand and might not be the best deal.

Yeah kind of interesting. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know if you own Crocs your experiences with them.

Let me know what you thought of this video and if there’s anything I missed in here, so that wraps up the Crocs video If you enjoyed this consider liking and subscribing and commenting, it makes a huge difference and we’ve got some cool videos on the way.

We’re doing the all-white a J-1. The mids next I think and then hundred thousands is really close. So we’re going to be doing those thousand dollar Jordans and we’re going to start doing the Red Wings pretty soon.

So thanks for all your support. See you all jokes aside Crocs is doing something really cool right now with all the coronavirus stuff going on.

They’re donating a ton of pairs of these two people that work in the healthcare industry. It’s kind of a favourite shoe for nurses and doctors. So shout out to Crocs or we’re doing something cool during all these terrible times.

So if you’re interested in Crocs for real go support them and help fund their funding and support of the healthcare industry in the workers in it.

Find out more about Crocs Kids range.

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