Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

Let’s review Air Jordan shoes 33 shoe this time. If I was going to rank the traction on the Jordan 30s series like the Jordan 30, 31, 32, and now the Jordan 33, I would put the 33 at the top followed by the 30. I’m actually probably going to put the 30s right afterwards and 32 and then 31, 30 ones.

Air Jordan 33 would be the right shoe right there. That would be a dope shoe. But yes, this traction is good. Now the cushion on these is nicer.

They’ve basically outlined it which I think is really cool. And then we have that heel right there. We haven’t seen that since the Air Jordan 22, which I think is really interesting. We’ve seen it recently on the LeBron series.

I think the or teens was the last one they so 15. Yeah V . So the 14 it was last time that we A hex Doom used in like a main line, although we did see it in the Kyrie flytrap also, but I was a little tiny one that was right in the ball of the foot.

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This is a big size unit. This is like what we saw in the LeBron 13s right in the back of the heel. It’s a super thick one. I think that it works great. Although I never really land or hit my heel unless I’m breakings. Usually if there’s a ton of cushion the back right here. I don’t even pay attention to it because this area right here is where I need it most and they definitely have that covered with this fact Zoom unit.

This thing is massive. It fills up the entire four-foot section and being unlocked. It’s The entire thickness of the midsole itself that area right there is hollowed out completely and then you have that plate on top of it the moderator plate what they call the flight speed or the what was it called knitted flight plate.

That’s what it was originally called. Now, it’s called the flight speed plate. It’s like the same thing but whatever and just like the Air Jordan 32 is a that’s the best example that I can give is that if you played in the 32 is it feels almost the same their kind of stiff their kind of bulky.

They don’t flex. Well right in the beginning once you break them in though. They feel awesome. You could definitely feel that bounce. Your foot not back here, but mostly up here and to me. I just really like it. It’s not the lightest setup. Is that the most flexible setup but it’s got a kind of cushion the front man, like if you’re looking for cushion like this is where it’s at these and the LeBron’s like probably the best to on the market right now,

if you’re looking for a lot of impact protection now the materials on these are more on the basic side. They kept the upper pretty lightweight and breathable because they’ve got so much going on everywhere else.

So, the overlay sections are synthetics.

Meanwhile the main booty or the construction of the shoe. The main build is just Kind of like a basic mesh normally when they use meshes like this, they tend to like glue something underneath

it whether it’s nylon or like a fuse material which is something that I actually don’t like because it doesn’t allow the mesh to like be breathable and it takes a little bit more break in time and all that stuff.

So what I do like is that they have that layer from here back and so it’s a lot more structured in the rear section of the shoe. But in the forefoot, it’s just every open mesh very breathable super flexible. It allows these overlays right here to really do their job, which is the kind of clamp down on top of your foot and like cage you in for lateral.

Pants while still allowing a ton of range of motion and movement unrestricted and all that stuff right there in the forefoot. So I definitely dig that. I know a lot of people don’t like that. It’s not premium and all that stuff, but honestly, it’s like the same exact material set-up that we saw last year with the 32s.

The only difference is that the NIT is just a lot thicker than a mesh, but overall, it’s the same exact material. It’s they’re both strings, you know, I mean, like it’s a lot of string tied together making up either mesh or knit and then you have some that is that rear section of the 32 completely synthetic there is nothing real about it.

Same exact thing here. Nothing to complain about it works, especially on court. Now the fit on these is true to size from a length perspective.

They’re very snug with wise which I personally like when you first put this shoe on you feel like you’re in something like for sure. Like I really like it as like a nice cozy hug, even though I don’t like hugs. I don’t like people touching me and then with the lacing system, it is not the first of its kind but definitely for Jordan brand where we have this just, I mean, it’s I don’t know what to call it.

But what they’re calling it is the fast-fit system and basically, it’s this pulley kind of cable system.

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It’s located underneath the arch of the foot and it goes all throughout this area right here from this interior strap to the forefoot. And that’s what’s really going to clamp you down. You can see it all activate when you pull on the pull tab right here.

I think it’s really cool. Yes. It’s a gimmick do gimmicks work. Sometimes is this one of those times in my opinion?

Yes, you can actually use this on court. You don’t have weird sloppy fit issues and all that stuff. However, I do personally prefer regular laces like there’s no doubt about it. I like laces on shoes. I like to be able to customize each and Every little section as needed if needed which is something that this set-up does not allow you to do one issue with this whole set-up is right here and it’s inside the shoe of the strap area right here.

I thought that it was all just a strap but what it ends up doing is connecting to those cables and those two cables will go right down in there and you can over tighten this thing because I did and it shoot my feet up and I thought that it was this strap area right here, but it wasn’t I just was unaware that the internal strap was connected to those chords.

So if you want to check that out, I’ll leave a link in the description box below or I don’t know which side is the right side. It’s at the side. No, it’s that side, but I’m going to leave a thing right there.

It’s going to pop up right now and you can click on that and go over to where testers and do your thing. So the system itself is not perfect. It definitely has, you know room for improvement.

But the way that they’ve implemented it so far does work on court now the support on the shoe is actually very good despite the shoe not having any laces whatsoever that for foot Area where that parachute cable is is super strong.

And like I said the overlays really do rap and clamp down on the forefoot section. So they take care of those two areas that you would need for lateral support and containment and then the rear section of the shoe again without having any laces is able to take care of everything with this one strap and it goes over your ankle and back over your foot and then latches on right here on the internal side.

It’s a fantastic set-up. I’ve used stuff just like this before in a brand called action. It was like the ankle brace shoe or whatever like anti roll over bumpers all this. Every review on the channel and long time ago, they’ve since gone out of business because a lot of people didn’t support it which is unfortunate, but clearly this stuff works and you can tell with this shoe right here.

Absolutely no laces on the damn thing and you are locked into this guy like it’s kind of weird and it’s crazy torsional support actually comes from that flight speed plate and on top of that they got the whole like mechanism right there.

So, it’s definitely not moving right there. It’s a little stiff like I was saying, but once you break it in it does work really well.

The Outrigger section to me at least could have been a little bit beefier like this was about as minimal as I I’d like I would not have been mad. If there was a real Outrigger on there. I would have been a little bit upset had they slim this area down because the way that it is right now, it’s just enough to keep you covered on lateral movements and then inside the heel there is another internal heel counter just for some extra containment and support right back there, but everything is sculpted really nicely. Like I was saying the overall fit is super snug and then once you pull that cable right there and tighten everything up you’ve been locked in.

This is something that you just have to try on even if you don’t buy them go in the store and just try it on it’s an experienced man. It’s a trick and that pretty much takes care of it for these . This is the area. In 33, it is the first Air Jordan without laces, which I think is crazy. They’ve done things that have pushed that envelope but not quite gone over the edge like the Air Jordan 19 was like a bungee cord and lock in system or what is that thing called lace lock they were bungee cords with a lace lock that was really weird.

But then the 19 SE without the Shroud those had like regular laces. Those look sick. I love the way that those look you don’t even know what I’m talking about.

How are you doing? The Gary Payton ones with the purple toes on a subtle white with the gray toe and the red trim Jason.

I used to rock those were fresh. But anyway, these right here are super solid on all front’s cushions.

Great tractions really good materials. I know a lot of people are not feeling the way that that’s like cheap, but they work so I mean what can you say the overall fit? I thought was really good as well. Be careful with the lacing system.

Don’t over tighten. Don’t do it. Not a good idea. And if they do feel too tight, all you got to do is pull this little eject cord right there and it’ll loosen things up a little bit and that pretty much takes care of it.

Let me know what you think about these Down Below in the comment section. If you’ve played in a pair of please leave your thoughts down below as well. We would love to get a little bit more like opinions out there. So what was it that was your favorite aspect of the shoe.

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