What’s inside Nike Joyride Shoes — Kuwait

Today we have these awesome brand new Nike Joyride shoes. These are the latest innovation in the race to create the most comfortable running shoe or just walking shoe.

They are crazy comfortable. We purchased so many pairs and we also tried the Nike React is that what they’re called The Epic react use those are pretty good to they’re pretty soft. But supposedly these are 35% softer or cushier 35% then yeah 35% a whole Kevin Durant softer than the Epic react home.

I get it. Took me a minute. Yeah, that’s okay. Sometimes there’s been choosing the pasta to come out that we’re like, you know what maybe we don’t cut them open because what’s really inside it.

Is it really that arresting self-lacing shoes How’s it feel? Awesome? Those are pretty cool.

Yeezys. Let’s look at the inside of these guys. Those are pretty cool because they are pretty high-end. These ones are 100% shoes that we should be cutting open because apparently there are thousands of little Dippin Dots like rubbery bouncy balls inside of the soul of these shoes all the way up here.

There’s a bunch of balls inside of that. It looks really cool. On the orange on the bottom and this little part right here and just like when you’re walking around you can see the little beads inside which is so cool.

So what did people say school and you were these to school did anybody notice that there’s really a lot of people noticed and they’re like, what are those shoes? I’ve never seen them before. Those are really cool.

Like people thought their cool. Okay, that’s good. We got both of these pairs about a month ago these ones we haven’t messed with but Lincoln has been wearing these ones.

Yeah, you see the different. Let’s yeah, let’s see. Do you see the difference in that one month of wearing them and they’re pretty dirty. They look pretty messed up when I first put them on it’s kind of weird because you could feel the balls inside of it, but it’s really comfortable like one of my favorite shoes.

That’s kind of what I felt like to it feels a little strange because it really is pouches and you’re walking on them and they move almost every time that you walk now. It’s probably my concern with this you kind of think of it as like, I don’t know bean bag. If you sit on it the same place over and over again, it’s just going to have that little spot right there and I he says that that doesn’t happen.

So anyway enough talking about these I want to cut these things open see how Seeds are in these. I was thinking we cut open one shoe. We put them inside of this and we literally like one by one count and see how many beads are.

What is Iris like a thousand do we have to count? There’s more than a thousand. I bet every single one by one all of these all of them in one shoe. There are so many about there’s no way.

All right Nike shoes Kuwait we’re going to cut you open. These are hundred. $80 shoes and these ones have never been worn. They are nice on that side, but some things have to happen for science.

Well, they like bouncy balls. Oh my gosh, nothing everywhere. Okay, we got to count them all. They really did put like little squishy toys into little tiny pieces and put them down in here.

You’re not Styrofoam, but they’re kind of like Styrofoam. It’s just like a squishy toy. It just is fishy like you can you can compress it all the way and then pops right back up squish it squish.

It doesn’t feel like this. See to it. Just like a stress ball. Oh like a stress ball. She’s an expert when it comes to squishy. So that’s better that’s stress ball. So many in this the bottom you can see now that it’s out.

It’s just like soft. It’s hard to get that open because you can see the little pillar system. It’s connected pretty tightly. Let’s cut that a little bit more. Yeah that little pillars are made out of foam. Also. Yeah, that’s our estimate of whether they’re just like the they’re just they’re like the same materials the balls which is the same material.

That’s all for now, friends. I’ll review more products in the coming days and share my observations.

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